Frequently Asked Questions

What do the children wear?

Here at Little Tricks we do not have a uniform.  Children should wear comfortable clothing that allows them to move around easily, clothes should not be too tight as this could be restrictive, or be too long as this might be dangerous on equipment and could be the cause of trips and falls which we want to avoid. We do sell Little Tricks T-shirts and Hoodies but these are not compulsory to either buy or wear!

What do the children have on their feet?

During the gym session we prefer that children have bare feet, although socks can be worn.  Shoes must be taken off before entering the gym, slipper socks can also be used in colder weather.

Do I need to tie long hair?

Yes please, long hair could become caught in equipment and therefore we do ask that it is tied up securely before the session.

Can earrings / jewellery be worn?

Jewellery and earrings should be removed before the session as they can be a hazard.  If the children have small stud earrings that cannot be removed, these should be covered with surgical tape so that they cannot become caught.

Can we bring food and drink into the gym?

Food is not permitted during the sessions or in the gym area.  The children can bring a drink of water or squash in a sealed drinks bottle which will be available to them during the session.

What do the parent / carers wear for play gym?

For parents participating in our play gym sessions, again, please wear comfortable clothing that is appropriate for participation.  Shoes should be removed before entering the gym.  Can we also ask that you remove jewellery or any items that might become caught in the equipment or in children’s hair / skin such as jewellery, scarfs etc.

Can we watch the children during their session?

For play gym, parents / carers are an active part of the session and therefore will be in the gym with the  children at all times.

For pre-school classes, as part of the British Gymnastics Pre-School Proficiency Awards, independence is encouraged and therefore we ask that parents wait in the waiting room or seating area in the hall until the session has ended.  We will of course ask you to pop your head into the gym if we need you or ask you to come and witness those special moments of accomplishments.

I have a younger child, is there somewhere to keep them occupied while my older child is attending the pre-school class?

Yes, you are welcome to bring younger children, there are toys available in the waiting area.